MTV, BBC and moving on with your love life!

What a week it’s been!

The most exciting week of coaching people, through their personal relationship crisis and getting out and giving my talks to some great people.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, there is always something you are wanting and a change in your actions that needs to happen.  Sometimes it is as small as going out more and smiling, talking.  Or it can be as big as a personality intervention!

I am so proud of the people I have worked with these last few months.  Admitting that there is something that is not working and that it is you rather than the other person, this is the hard part.  After that it’s a journey of support, guidance, pushing towards your goal and being determined to have yourself a great life!

DSC_0227On Tuesday I was up at MTV studios in London, talking to the staff on a subject related to the launch of Ex on the beech.  I shared my top tips on how to get over your ex in a healthy way, how you can even stay friends if you wish.  Lastly I spoke about how after the space and time needed for recovery, you will then be ready to go out and find love.

We wrote a list of the qualities that you may be looking for in a partner and then how you need to go and be that yourself, to draw that person to you.

The groups were lovely and I can’t wait to go back there again for more fun!

Last night I was invited for an interview on the BBC world news, talking about my views on tinder.  Whilst tinder is able to create instant connection it is also in danger of encouraging multiple dating, one night stands, and although this may not have been the intention of tinder when it was devised, there is still this candy store mentality.

When you meet someone for the first time face to face, you know in minutes if you have chemistry or not.  Chemistry is aroused by the senses, touch, smell, tone of voice and taste.  There is no short cut to finding love and finding chemistry.  People complain about having to troll through dating websites, however you are meeting people who have invested a bit more of their time and money.  You need to get out on as many dates as possible to find your matches, so please be patient and make the most of your interactions.

Millions of people are looking for the real deal and want their match, so help each other and start talking, communicating to people wherever you are!

Have a great weekend!

Jo Barnett

Leading Dating Coach