Help with being single over the holidays

Look who’s coming to dinner!

Christmas is a time to share with friends and family, the ones we get to choose and the ones we get given at birth!

Make the most of who you have in your life, think what they have given you and the wisdom they have to pass on to you.  I had my 96-year-old grandma over for lunch today.

It was Interesting to hear what her life was like when she brought up her children.  I often see her in a new light when I am reminded of the difficult times she went through.


This Christmas when you find yourself getting frustrated with a family member, take a step back and see how their upbringing must have been so different to yours, this is why you have such different views on life.

When your family gets together there are bound to be some clashes in values and opinions, take the opportunity to appreciate differences and accept people for where they are in life and what they are here to represent.

Enjoy your turkey sandwiches and snuggle up with your friends and family.¬† We all come in such a varied package of shapes and sizes, with all the trimmings of sweet and savoury.¬† Let’s celebrate the festive season with a nice cup of tea and a slice of fruit cake remembering that when it’s all put together we make a delicious combination of fruit and nut!!!!!!