Count down to finding love in the New Year!!

Jo’s countdown to the New Year

As promised each morning I will be sending you my blog on how to find love for 2013!!  Some of the posts will go straight to my website so be part of it and please pass it on.

It’s Party season and what a fabulous excuse to let your hair down!

I have been out and about doing some research for my second book about finding lasting love in 2013.  The TOP answer for, what would make you want to go and talk to someone was,

‘If they were showing some attention to me then I feel interested.’

It seems that when someone looks your way or gives you that knowing smile, it triggers a feel good vibe and makes you comfortable to be approached by that person.

My advice to you over the festive season is to have a feel good vibe party!  See how much love and cheekiness you can share just by the way you smile and ‘work’ the room.

Last night I was at a party, there were lots of singles and lots of potential great matches.  I watched as guys flirted and chatted with the women and I was surprised at how shy lots of the women were.  One girl said to me about ten minutes into the party, ‘there is no one here for me’, so she spent the night behind a table with her head down.

My question is, how did she know?  Did you know that your best friend was going to be your best friend the minute you laid eyes on each other?  At the other end of the room was another girl who had taken the initiative and gone to the buffet table.  She lingered for a while and spoke happily to ALL of the guys standing there.  I am sure that not all of them were her type, but what happened is that she had fun, got some nice male attention and her mood was lifted even higher by engaging with some new people.

Later on that night when she did happen to be introduced to someone ‘cute’, her smile was genuine and warm, there was an instant connection and even a future date!

The message here is ENGAGE with NEW people.  Please do GET UP from your seat and go MINGLE with people.  Everyone is just waiting to experience your company so make it a fun night out for all.

Happy Celebrations