How do you solve a problem like being single?

If you are single right now and wondering how long this drought is going to last or why your soul mate has not turned up, you need not worry.

If you are looking at all the couples around you and asking yourself why them and not me? Are you assuming that there must be something wrong with you and you need to get online more? Make more effort? Actually, you don’t, you need to STOP!

Try going cold turkey for a couple of weeks and spend some time with you.  I know this sounds very cliché but it actually works.  Have you noticed that the people around you who have ended up in great relationships have high powered jobs, have not really gone after it as such, it just happened.

Finding your soul mate will happen to you when you are living your life the best you can and being the best you without a partner.  When you have a clear head and you are happy, your energy is contagious and draws people to you like a magnet.   There is nothing more attractive than something that is not for sale, a house, a handbag, a business, a guy or girl who is not available.  Why? Because there is no big for sale sign hanging around their neck, and they radiate, I am functioning quite well without your thanks!

Take this step back in your dating life and just STOP looking, trying, working at it, pushing,  instead allow yourself time to breathe, to be you, get into your body, feel comfortable in your skin, work, exercise, see friends, laugh, dine out, play.  As soon as you feel complete on your own, you will attract someone a lot faster.

A soul mate will cross the sea to find you if you are meant to be together, so never worry that you won’t find them or that they won’t find you, you will when you are out being you, being the best you, and not looking.

If you are feeling caught up in a web of dating apps and failed conversations/dates, the universe is telling you something and you would have to be stupid not to listen.  STOP trying and start living, take your break and when you come back to it with less desperation and wanting, you will be amazed at your success.

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With love

Jo Barnett

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