Have patience with tinder!

Having patience with the dating apps will go along way to getting you on that date!

Dating apps work in a very basic way, it’s like fishing, you throw the net out there with your best bate, i.e. profile, and photos, you swipe yes to the people that interest you and then you wait.

Waiting is all part of the dating process, it is not meant to be rushed nor will rushing bring you faster results.  In fact, the slower you fish the more likely you are to find a good catch!

Phase two is making contact, once you have caught a fish you will need to take a look and decide what you are going to do, is this someone that you want to get to know? Invest some time with? Have a brief chat on the phone? Perhaps meet face to face?

You can repeat phase two as many times as you like and I suggest you have at least two catches on the go and once so that you have a choice.

What happens if you do not catch anything at first?  I hear this, again and again, it’s fine, there is no rush and if you have not caught someones attention then it just wasn’t your day, try again in a few days time.  No need to create a big drama about being rejected or creating a story that there are no fish left in your sea!

Patience is the best gift you can give yourself when looking for a match so try it out this weekend and let me know what happens.

Happy Weekend

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