Holidays! Recharge your batteries, not your mobile’s

Recharge your batteries, not your mobile’s

By Jo Barnett, personal life coach

Breaking away from work and friends has never been more challenging.  As we spend most of the year glued to a phone or computer screen our biggest challenge on holiday is switching off!

Years ago people would holiday for a fortnight without contact, apart from the odd postcard maybe. Technology has changed all of that and turned us into Facebook, Twitter and Instagram addicts. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the UK’s deposit protection scheme, has discovered that 81% of people contact friends and family while on holiday and this can get in the way of switching off and winding down.

An example of this is the child dipping his toe in the water, doing what kids have done for centuries, and bang, suddenly his photo is filling Facebook timelines, tagged and blogged about for all to see!  We are obsessed with sharing our lives rather than living them.

When it comes to our jobs, we want to keep in contact with the office through fear of missing out or being overlooked.  So we are mostly looking over our shoulder, rather than just being present and enjoying the moment.  Emails that land on our sun kissed laps get our immediate attention and work calls become priority to all other activity.  Give yourself an hour a day to check emails and calls, that way you won’t feel deprived or a slave to your phone!

A great way to unwind is to take part in a new activity like surfing or diving. Choose anything that interests you where you will meet like-minded people.  All exercise will leave you feeling energised and get the endorphins going, leaving you feeling fantastic for the rest of the day!  Simply walking for twenty minutes will help relax you so try to schedule this into your day.

Mealtimes are a great opportunity to sample local healthy foods. Opt for fresh fish, salads and fruit, to keep your energy and mood soaring to the max!   Keep your phone off the table so that you get to fully connect with the company around you and benefit from some stimulating conversations.

Mindfulness is a new craze not to be underestimated.   You can sample this yourself by settling into a comfy chair or sun lounger and feeling the sun or the fresh air on your body, breathe it in slowly and deeply and savour it.  Really soak up the feeling of warmth and the new atmosphere around you by noticing the little sounds, smells and tastes.  Try not to rush from one thing to another by giving yourself time to just sit by the pool or walk leisurely along the beach.

If a worrying thought pops into your head, give yourself permission to let it go for the day and come back to yourself.  Enjoy, relax and smile.