The fast track to love!

‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken!


How true and how relevant today when the biggest quest in life is the search for happiness, often disguised as a search for the right partner.

As a dating and personal development coach, people come to me because they want me to tell them how to ‘find it’, or give them the A – Z of dating.

I often resist telling people in advance that I don’t have this magic, and that if I did, now that would be something!  However, what I do have is the magical gift of coaching an individual towards his or her own potential, which ultimately leads to ten times more happiness, and authenticity, which will lead to finding your partner and having lots of great times in the meantime.

What do you do exactly and why do I need to work with a coach in the first place?  I hear you thinking….

The truth is you don’t, you can decide to step up and be your best self all on your own, at any time you choose.  You know what you have to do, you see what the outcome could be and how delicious it will feel when you have it!  Only you know your whole life story, the one you have lived with since childhood, and only you have the power to change that story and start a new chapter, the one you have been waiting for all your life.

What I am talking about is

Living your life Authentically

My request to you this evening is this; don’t put it off any longer.  Ask yourself, is it time?  What am I waiting for to make the change I need in my life? To try something new, to drop the old image I have of myself, to stop being the victim and to let go of all the blame and forgive others, to find love and to give love.

Everyone else is taken, it’s my invitation that you claim yourself and start investing in all the positive qualities you have,  all that you can add to the world, to the people around you, but first and foremost all the love and appreciation for being YOU!

With love and gratitude to everyone who inspires me.