Get the best results online dating

Get the best results online dating.


I get asked every day if I think it’s a good idea to be on a dating app, the do’s and don’ts and how to meet someone of value.


As a dating coach and Relationship expert I am going to say Yes, you should be on an app, as most people are.  However, It is not enough to be on an app you have to work it!!  I am going to share with you my top ten tips around the dating apps, you are welcome to share this knowledge and get more people swiping right.


  • Make it your best profile picture, something where you are out, not at home, looking your best, vibrant, smiling and ideally doing something interesting.  Please look directly into the camera in your photo, eye contact is catching and creates an instant connection.


  • No posers please, keep it real and lifelike, we don’t swipe to pouts, poses, or beers.


  • Keep your bio short and sweet, positive and true to you, don’t try to impress just mention one or two things you love to do and something that you are looking for in a relationship, the more authentic and specific the better.


  • Use some humour in your profile, just a little line that will make us giggle is fine.


  • Have a call to action, something like, ‘don’t be shy, why not find out more and message me’.


  • Reach out with a short intro, something like, ‘nice to meet you’, or ‘loving your profile’.


  • Messages need not go on for days, it’s not an interview, save that for further dates. Try and get the banter going, that’s all you are trying to achieve, light-hearted chat.


  • Once you have established banter you want to exchange numbers and get meeting in a safe and mutually convenient place, always speak on the phone first to see if you get along.


  • Don’t spend more than twenty minutes on your call and plan a date.


  • There is no need for constant messages, actions speak louder than words, meet up and see if there is any connection, take it from there!


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Best of luck and remember to follow my guidelines to get the BEST RESULTS ONLINE.


Jo Barnett

Dating Coach & Relationship Expert