This week we launch into Love Island, now lets find your very own Love!

This week we are launched into Love Island and all its glory.  Bikini clad girls and muscle fit guys parade around, hoping to bag themselves a winner!

With the competition high and testosterone in the air it leads me to wonder who has the magic formula to really pull in the crowds and the girls.  Which girls are in demand and what are their characteristics that have the men falling at their feet?

For starters there is Lucy, who has every guy in the villa confession their attraction towards her. Is it her glowing golden locks or her natural beauty?  It could be her fit surfer body and her cool job.

Lucy is a type A girl, she has a soft centre and is warm and friendly, extremely approachable and the type of girl that any good man would want to be close too.

Part of Lucy’s characteristic is that she is not pushy yet she is also very comfortable in herself, she knows who she is and doesn’t have to over assert herself or her sexuality (as most of the others do).

I feel for the girls who are not as much in demand as this can quickly affect their confidence and demeanour.  All the girls are beautiful within their own rights however they are not all as comfortable in their own skin as Lucy and this simple and effortless beauty is what will be attracting the boys!

Let’s take Anna; she is a beautiful girl and a type B.  She does have some confidence in herself but she is not as confident or self-assured as a type A.  The amount of confidence a woman has is often down to their parenting and how much they were given unconditional love and support.  Anna has a more voluptuous figure and looks fabulous, however she is over made up which means she does not feel enough without all the make-up and lip fillers, she would be great just a little more natural.

Amy is a more of a type B or C as you will notice that any boy will do, she is not fussy and does not prize herself as the Jewel, unlike Lucy.  She is immediately too keen and eager to give herself away, which the boys will quickly pick up on and use and abuse her.  Amy does not really know who she is and so is a bit of camellia and will mould herself to be who they want her to be.

Find out what type of girl or guy you are and learn to make the shift that you need to get you more success in love!

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