Gentlemen! Here are my top 10 tips to get you that first second and third date!


Guys it’s still the New Year and time for a new approach to getting those second third and fourth dates that you want!

I have put together my top 10 list of tips to get the best out of your interactions, whether you are in a coffee shop, Tesco’s or your local meet up.

To get the best results and maximise your chances, pick one a day and do it as many times as you can buy diflucan fluconazole !

Step 1

Look into the eyes of the girl you want to engage with, let her FEEL that she is the only important person in the room.  Once you have her attention smile and stay focused on her for the WHOLE conversation.

Step 2

ASK her open questions about herself on light and easy topics such as, holidays, travel, coffee break, free time, film etc…

Step 3

LISTEN fully to what she is saying and repeat step 1.

Step 4

Elaborate on HER conversation rather than change the subject back to YOU.

Step 5

Now ask another interesting question about HERSELF, what she likes and dislikes? What she has planned for the week/ weekend.

Step 6

KEEP it light and don’t get talking about yourself too much.  Take your time with the conversations and bring out a bit of humour to make her laugh.

Step 7

If you have not already ,ask for her phone number, directly and with no apology!

Step 8

Take her number and text to say it was great meeting or a great evening.  Don’t go overboard, keep it short.

Step 9

The NEXT day, NOT that day, ask her when SHE is free, NOT when YOU are free.

Step 10

Plan a fun date at a place with some atmosphere, get to know HER and enjoy yourself.

Now you have your 10 step plan, follow it and let me know your success!