Find out your relationship drivers to get your happy ending!!

As a dating and relationship expert/coach, I am always thinking of new ways to help people meet, connect and build good relationships.  After doing this work for a decade I can tell you that there is no perfection, yes we don’t get everything but there needs to be at least 70%.

A simple but effective way of helping you find a partner is to really know who you are and what matters to you.  This may sound silly, but if you are passionate about teaching and helping you may connect well with someone who also holds those values.

In the same way if money is one of your drivers then meeting a likeminded person will be a great advantage as the relationship matures and you get to make choices together.

I strongly advise you to do this exercise if you are in a new relationship or looking for one.

Please answer the following questions

  1. What must you have in your life in order to feel happy and full?
  2. What can’t you be without?
  3. What can’t you be with?
  4. Is it important is it that you are growing and developing?
  5. What’s more important adventure and spontaneity in your life or do you prefer routine and predictability?

Take a good look at the answers you have written down and keep them somewhere sacred.  Keep looking at them weekly and when the time comes you can see how your needs and values compare to your potential partner?

First look for synergy and what may bring you together.  I.e. a love of nature and taking long walks or spending lots of time visiting family and entertaining.  Now take a look at the places of conflict, where values may get in the way.  They say that opposites attract, in my experience I can tell you that it’s better to find someone with common interests and beliefs.  If you are extremely chilled and laid back where your partner is aggressive and ambitious there will come a point where you will go in a different direction from one another.

When people first meet there is a chemistry that drives the relationship and logic seems to go out the window.  Whilst this is lovely at first it can start to wear thin when you begin to learn more about the person.  You only know someone over time, by watching their actions seeing how you feel with them in different situations.  The longer you take to get to know each other the longer the flame will burn!

To help yourself find lasting love look for the values that a person stands for, what’s important to them, does this match well with yours?

You can easily go to bed with a prince and wake up with a frog, my advice is that you go out with your ‘frog’ and wake up with a prince!

Happy dating

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