Even Celebrities need help dating

I have been following Celebs go dating on E4 with interest.  Its not every day that people agree to expose themselves and how they come across on a date, warts and all!

James (Arg) is a cheeky Chappy who is looking for love like other single guys his age.  He has a great smile and lots of giggles when he meets the girls at the mixers.  Friendly and chatty he seems to move flit from one woman to another with small talk and charm.  What would be even better for Arg is to engage in some genuine conversation and have a few good questions up his sleeve to ask the girls.


Charlotte Dawson has a personality larger than life and a sense of fun that you could only cope with once a year, she is out partying weekly and literally brining the party!¢

Will she find love as a party animal with shot after shot?  Does she want to find lasting love or someone to party with?  My hunch is that she is looking for genuine love and whoever he is he will have to know how to handle her so that she can have fun and even stay sober at times.  This will take a real man who can see her softer loving side and be firm enough to stand up to her and still enjoy the party…

Calum Best, now he is a real charmer and what a looker he is.  He seems to be extremely sensitive when he senses any kind of rejection, there will be a reason for this of course.  After all what sane girl would reject him?!

Calum needs to meet someone where they are at and be his real self, stripped down from all the looks, clothes and material.  A perfect date for him would be a country walk in wellies followed by a local pub where he could relax and get to know someone peacefully.

Bobby Norris is my personal favourite on the show, Ive had the pleasure of chatting to him on the Towie set when I was coaching him on his dating life.  Bobby seems to be doing the best as he is so genuine, warm and interested in people around him.  I hope he gets to go on a few dates with more than one guy as it takes him time to open up and be himself.

Georgia, how can we forget her, a true ‘it’ girl and full of life.  She’s good company on a date and needs to find someone on her wave length.  I would put her with someone older than the guys she has been matched with.  I see her more with a city boy who is a bit worldly and can take her out and about town and show her some of the world.  Georgia plays the girly girl but I think there is more too her and she should lead as much with her brains as she does with her beauty.

Good luck everyone, ill be watching and you know where I am…..

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