Dating Tips ‘We had a great time so what went wrong?’

Hi Everyone,

It’s been such a busy Easter and I was lucky enough to have a great break in Tenerife, soaking up some much-needed sun!

I’m so happy to be back as the ‘Date Doctor’ in my new question and answer column in the ‘Totally Jewish Newspaper’.  I am their personal development coach, sharing the secrets to successful relationships.  I am setting up a copy for you to read as we speak and for now, I wanted to give you a peek at this weeks column!!

Dear Jo,

I really need your help! I went out on a fantastic date last week and meet a girl who I had a real connection with.  We had such a laugh together and the evening just flew.  I am thirty and it has taken me ages to finally meet a girl I like.  The evening ended with me walking her to her car and we kissed.  The following morning I texted saying’ “ I had a great night thank you, I’d like to see you again’”.

She has not replied five days since the date.  I’m beating myself up about what I said that put her off or was if I kissed her too soon?  I have sent her another message and still not heard anything, now I’m just feeling awful and wondering what I did wrong?


Hi Dan,

First of all, you need to stop beating yourself up that you did something wrong!  You both had a lovely evening and were in the moment, it sounds like it was a great date.  YOU thought there was a great connection, she didn’t, why torture yourself trying to recap every last detail of the date that is just crazy.

You kissed her, it was something you both wanted, certainly not anything to question if it felt right at the time.  As a dating coach, I often get

People come to me analysing what they said ‘wrong’ on a date to get the Silent treatment.  The fact is that if someone does not want to see you again it means they are just not that into you and you move on to the next girl who will be.  Why waste your time ordering the duck if it’s off the menu??

Dan, the point is to stop giving your power away to this one person.

If one date can cause you to give away all your power and confidence, then you need to learn to love yourself even more. This is just one person you went out with that you knew you for one evening.  The best results come from getting out on several dates and growing your confidence.  Let it go and move on with a clear and loving heart, Jo

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