Your summer guide to bagging a hottie!

Finally what you have all been asking for! I get asked by hundreds of guys and girls every week, ‘How can I attract a man / woman?’.

Are you dating in London?

Looking to find a date in your home town or abroad?

As I want you to be sharing your summer nights with some great company I’m going to blast you with my ideas that have worked for existing clients and can work for you. Follow these easy steps and watch the attention roll in…

beach party




  • Pull out your summery clothes, skirts, shorts and pretty dresses. Despite the wind or rain, wear something sunny and breezy, just like you!
  • Take a look in the mirror; what needs a makeover?  Hair? Makeup? Body? Invest in yourself for an hour a day.
  • Get smiling and laughing, even if you have to make yourself laugh! Make a point of seeing the positive side of things.
  • Practice being in the present, take it moment by moment and congratulate yourself for three things you have done at the end of the day.
  • Approach a stranger at a party or out and about, get chatting with some small talk.
  • Be accessible in the room, don’t lock yourself into a corner or sit perched at a table, be mobile!
  • Lean into the guy and show you are available by opening up, physically and mentally.
  • Have a positive response when a guy talks to you and always look to extend the conversation rather than cut it short.
  • Go out with people that you know will be fun and proactive in meeting new people.
  • Look a guy in the eye, don’t be afraid to make good contact and if you look away, remember to come back, if you are interested.
  • Ask him what his plans are at the weekend and keep talking!!!
  • Act like you were born happy, no complaints, moans or groans please.




  • Roll up your sleeves and get trendy in a nice crisp summer shirt and chinos/ new jeans.  Invest in some modern shoes; take a look at the men’s range at Autograph M&S.
  • Stand tall and confident when you walk into a room, be there to get noticed not to shy away!
  • ‘How can I make someone’s day?’ this is what you should be thinking when you go out on the town.  Be generous with your compliments.
  • Get chatting to as many ladies as possible and have some easy conversation openers like,’ is this your first time here?’ ‘What do you think of the music?’ ‘What’s your favourite drink here?’
  • After the compliment and the friendly conversation, show her you are interested with some subtle touch, a gently tap on the arm or hand (while you are taking) is just enough to get the connection building.
  • Put your attention and interest towards the girl you are talking too, stay focused and ask a few simple questions about HER.  Expand on your conversation.
  • Act as if you are NOT afraid of rejection and that you are the most desirable handsome man in the room (even if it is not true, she wont know the difference!)
  • Lighten up and make her laugh, life is serious enough; you are both out to enjoy yourselves!
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Happy summer time


Jo Barnett

Dating Coach