Looking for a professional dating coach?

Someone to tell you the truth about dating and give you the BEST dating tips for YOU?

This is the right place for you if you tick the following?

  • I’m single
  • I want tips on how to date
  • I’m a woman looking to meet my match
  • I’m a man looking for my perfect lady
  • I’m in a relationship but confused
  • I want more success in my love life
  • I want to gain more confidence around dating
  • I keep dating the wrong person
  • I’m scared of failing
  • Where do I go to meet the right people?

Dating and relationships is THE area I have studied for the past twenty years, it’s my guilty pleasure. Having run a dating agency, I have inside know-how on what makes or breaks a success at dating.

In addition (and purely for professional purposes) I have collected hundreds of my own dating experiences. Part of my work as a dating coach is sharing my experiences and I will always encourage you to go out and practice.

I  help prepare my clients for dating, whether they  meet the love of their life immediately or simply have fun letting their hair down, they all have outstanding results in ALL areas of their lives ;

What’s it all about?

Your love life needs a kick-start and the fuel wants igniting!

As your Dating Coach it’s my role to help prepare you for dating and ultimately connecting with a partner.

It’s YOUR role to get out and find them!

My top tips in How To Get A Date – Now! include:

  • Finding your enthusiasm and confidence to get out and about so that you will successfully meet the right people.
  • Getting the best out of online dating: how to write a great profile, making a lasting first impression.
  • Tips on nights out and speed dating.
  • Learning how to date so that you and your partner have fun and leave wanting to do it all again!
  • Making the best of yourself so that you maximise your chances.
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs from the past, loving the person you are, improving your self esteem.
  • Getting out and doing things you really enjoy so that you sparkle!

Dating Coaching involves looking at your WHOLE life and YOUR very being. The work I do with clients involves looking at where you are right now and where you want to be.  I give you the tools to go out there with love and with courage being the confident individual you truly are!

Be prepared to take responsibility and accountability, we will have many laughs along the way!

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