What’s your dream?

What’s your dream?

Today I am inviting you on a special journey, so buckle up tight and let your creativity come out to play!


Imagine you have just flown to a private island where no one knows you.   Its luxurious and extremely beautiful, a kind of Richard Branson Island.  As you step off the plane, the heat of the Island warms your face; you look around at the beautiful landscape and start to feel the excitement here.

People have come to the Island to re discover their dreams and the path that will get them there.  A smartly dressed waiter serves you with a glass of champagne and asks you the million-dollar question that you will be working on this trip;

‘What’s your dream?’

Close your eyes for a moment, take your time getting the answer that resonates.   There may be more than one thing on the list, get it all in.  This is the wish that you have wanted all your life, its what you would lay down your life for.  Get clear of what this dream looks like, who is in it and what you notice about yourself in the dream.

Once you have spoken your dream, feel free to go and meet all the other guests at the bar, they have dreams too, find out!  Some may be the same of yours and some will give you fresh inspiration.

If you feel drawn to a particular dream, take hold of it and bring it into your body.  Ignite the flame that will start the candle burning and enjoy watching the warmth and passion grow.

My request is that you keep your light burning and stay more and more connected to your dream this week.  For one week only you will not be settling for second best, there is no room to avoid opportunities, simply follow the light of your inner candle and keep sharing it with those close to you.

Send me your dreams and we can inspire each other.

Much love