Mens wedding ring finger the key to a keeper, true or false?!

Looking for a relationship?

Can we really know if a man is worthy by looking at the length of their index finger?

This is meant to show generosity, sustainability and longevity.   So do feel free to go out there and take a good look at your man’s hands, you could even measure them against yours!

I have another tip and an even more accurate way to gauge if a person is right for you.  This is to tap into your body and notice what you feel when you are around your date.  The body never lies and is your best friend when it comes to figuring out compatibility in relationships.

What’s the feeling in your stomach and your chest?  What is the energy like when you are together?  Are you tensing your face, shoulders or are you smiling and relaxed?  How do you feel when you are not with them?!

Once you have been honest with yourself and your feelings, reaction to the other person then you have the freedom to make a choice.  Choose wisely and with awareness, so that you know if you are settling, you know if there is potential or if it’s just practice dating!

Things can change as you get to know a person better and that’s when you need to repeat the above steps, first check in with what your body is telling you, acknowledge it and then make a choice.

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