Love island tips for those gorgeous couples

Jo Barnett the UK’s leading dating expert and coach was quoted on Snapchat talking to Vice about all your favourite love island couples!

Who will stand the test of time?

Whose relationships are on the rocks and why?!

Nations favourite Gabby and Marcelle

Verdict; 8/10

Two gorgeous people but in a very stressful and pressured environment where each new bod is more beautiful and toned than the last.  Will Gabby be satisfied with her man or does she need an extra daily boost of confidence and reassurance from another guy?

Will they stand the pressure?

I’d say they will as they are both grounded people, Marcelle is more secure and mature than Gabby due to age and experience, a less on to singles showing us just how much work there is t do on yourself before you meet your partner and nothing tests your confidence more than a relationship!

Amber and Kem

Just why is she so unpopular with the public?

The question is being, are we seeing the real Amber?  She is cute, feisty and a big flirt, I think that her confidence about her looks can be intimidating and the public has fallen in love with Kem, so we will not hold any prisoners to the girl who has given him the runaround.

Where are they headed?

I’d say they stand a chance of being there until the end, can they win, not on the voting so far but they certainly provide glamour and entertainment.  My advice to Amber, relax a bit, you have your man and have nothing else to prove.  Stop flirting with the guys and be a good friend to anyone in need.  That should get the public back on side…

Camila and Jamie

These guys have it all, charm, manners, education and good bods.

We are enjoying watching them fall in love.

Camilla was at first teased for being so slow in the love game and letting down barriers.  Five weeks on and we can see just what an advantage it is to take things slowly, not to lose your cool or your head when you meet a guy.

Watch this space my favourite couple at the moment!

Olivia and Chris

What a shame, these two need coaching if ever I saw a couple in need.  The problem is that they are such different people from very different backgrounds.  There are some big clashes due to their emotions, needs and lack of good honest communication.

Is there hope, sadly not in the long term, short term there could be another round of passion.


Here is a guy with so much potential, looks, height, ability, just missing a little bit of humility and charm.  If I was his love coach I would be suggesting he focuses on the girls and pays them attention, flirt but drop the cockiness!!

I’d like to see a real side to him, a proper conversation about what he really feels.

Perhaps he’s relied on his looks in the past and not had to work too hard for the ladies, now he is under pressure to step up his game and sadly I’m not sure he has the skills.


Pretty sweet Tyla.  She takes her relationships seriously and needs a very strong man to break through some of the critical edges.  This is only because she knows what she wants and is not prepared to settle.  My advice to Tyla is to remember that no one is perfect, chill out and look for a companion rather than a husband.  Choose someone to have fun with and go for it.  Look for the positives and focus on having a good time yourself.


Will Mike go for Tyler, Olivia or Georgia?!

Gorgeous Mike, who wouldn’t want to go on a date with him…

The only problem is that Mike would take more time getting ready and spend more time pouting than the girl.  My advice to Mike, smile some more, open up and play a bit more, take some risks and let your hair down, we’ve seen the bod now we want to see some personality, please!!!

Last but not least Georgia,

I am trying to work out why the men are not running around Georgia.

My advice to her is to get into her feminine and less good friend zone.  We need to see flirtier eye contact, one to one deep meaning full conversations with the guys, and some lounging around on beds flirting with the guys she fancies.  A good dose of self-belief is needed here and forget what the other girls and go for it!!

Best of luck guys


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