Looking for love this fall?

Millions of you are signing up to dating apps, looking to find love and I want to share with you some important information that will allow you to experience your ideal love this winter!

It’s that time of year when you are about to cosy up on the sofa and chill out with Netflix.  Romantic walks through the park holding hands.  Hot chocolate by the fire of a country pubs and dinner with friends and all that cosiness that we just love to share with a partner.

First of all, you need to really hold the vision of yourself and that special someone together, sharing the experiences that you picture yourself having, all of them.   It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the person yet, you can create them for now what you do need is the image.  See it like it’s a movie and blow up the picture in your mind, make sure it’s in colour and motion.  This is the vision that you need to connect to on a daily basis, whilst you tell yourself that this is what will happen and it’s just a matter of time.

From coaching thousands of singles I know for sure that you will meet your partner when you are ready.  This means that you have manifested the image, you feel that you deserve it and that you have space in your life, AND you have worked through your stuff.

There is no questioning weather you will find love and companionship just when it will happen and by thinking positively and picturing what it will look like and feel like on a regular basis will draw this towards you.

The second part that I want to share with you is that you have total control over your love life, now and in the future AND there is something you can do to TURN YOUR LUCK AROUND.

I know this because it’s YOU that is going to be the one in the relationship and it’s YOU who will be picking your partner!

You also have accumulated a wealth of information that you can choose to use to your advantage.  Taking the learning from the past and making new choices for the future is the key to a successful love life and YOU are the one with all the answers.  You can either choose to ignore your inner wisdom and experience or use it grow and create a better relationship for the future.

Take a moment to pick up a pen and write down the answers to these questions;

  • What were the problems in your past relationships?
  • What bothered you about your last partner?
  • What were the most important character traits you needed to see in your partner?
  • How are you responsible for the break-up of the relationship?
  • What did your relationship teach you about yourself?
  • How do you want to be in your future relationship?

Redesigning who you want to be in your next relationship can be exciting stuff, its where you get to be the grown up version of yourself, fully self-aware and taking responsibility by participating in a positive way.

If you are serious about getting what you want, then I urge you to spend some time answering the above questions and even working it through with a friend or mentor.

The next few months are all about you, getting in touch with the love you have to give and ultimately finding the right person to share it with.

To work with me on your development please do reach out and sign up for some of my personal one to one coaching.

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