Life is YOUR picture, what do you want it to be?


water fall

Take a moment to see your life in a big picture,in front of you and imagine now what that picture looks like.  What colours, textures and images the artist uses.

If you were to sit down and draw it, imagine adding in all the fine details, the people and all the things you are grateful to have around you.  The beautiful scenry that has shaped you and some of your inspirations.

Now I am imagining that there are also a few gaps in the picture, this is where there is room to have even more of what you want, more colour, more energy and perhaps more love or success.  While you are evolving there is always time to add the picture and make a beautiful scene spectacular!

As your mentor I would like you to take a moment to remember the picture that you originally wanted for yourself, the outcomes you had in mind when you set out after your goals.  I hope you are coming back to images that are brighter and bolder than the first picture.  Take a minute to write it or draw it now.

I am here to remind you and hold you accountable to this bigger and brighter picture, even when things get rocky and life deals you fresh challenges! In fact, why not use those challenging times to push yourself further and take action to get what you really wanted!

Part of my work allows me to share with you new tools that will give you better results, and at the same time remind you why it is so important for you to stay focussed on your bigger picture.  You will even be able to use the same brush but get different strokes and shapes that will fit more with what you originally wanted.

Create a new colour in your life today by  taking a new action, doing something that will excite you and move your further towards YOUR perfect picture.  What have you been putting off? What is it that will make the difference in getting what you really want?  Write it our for yourself now and do it today.  Let me know the results.

When you get to stay on track, as I will guide you, new possibilities will occur, success in your life will take shape and you will become the person who you were born to be.  When you are fulfilling your potential you will feel amazing, and I will know that my work with you is complete.

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