Help I’m locked into a dating app!!

Help I’m locked into a dating app!!

Have you ever been out with your single friends for a social night out only to find that they are glued to their dating apps and busy swiping all night long?

Stop!! I say, we are out and you have the opportunity to meet real live people, at least I thought so until I realised that the majority of singles are sitting back in their recliners sipping cocktails secretly waiting for the swipe of their lives to contact them and be taken down the aisle.

My girlfriends are in despair of the dating apps yet at the same time addicted by the small chance that the love of their life may just swipe them and be online today, so not to miss them, they have to keep checking, all day long….  The guys that I know feel there is no one out there as they either get ignored or dismissed.

There are around one million tinder dates every week, generating one million more dates to follow with another fellow swiper that they know very little about.  My clients  have said that they are disillusioned by old photos that don’t measure up and meaningless chat that doesn’t go anywhere.

Don’t worry about the dreaded state of online dating apps as I have the solution.  As a celebrity dating coach, I will be hosting mixers where you can come along and meet real live people want to meet a real person and date them with a view to relationship.

As well as several introductions, I will be giving you guidance and mentoring during the evening and after your dates. This is the first ever ‘dating maintenance package’  that has been on offer in the UK and I am so excited to be sharing it with you.

If this is something you would like to be part of then register yourself or your friend and we will be in contact with you with your next event details and memberships. Please sign up below to be part of our group.


Don’t keep it to yourself, no one wants to be stuck in a dating app for ever so help your friends and get them to join too, the more people you bring the more you will get to meet and the more accurate we can be to finding you your partner.

See you at the mixer!


Jo Barnett

Celebrity Dating Coach