Guys- Master the art of attracting any woman you want!


The things you REALLY want to know that will build INSTANT chemistry!!

Over the years working as a Dating Coach, I have interviewed thousand of single women, as well as being as my own personal experiences.  To help you guys out and give us women what we are looking for, I am going to share with you some behaviours that will create instant chemistry so that you get the girl you want.

1)  Get their attention:

Approach a woman with confidence, fake it till you make it:

Come out with something direct and bold, such as, ‘I noticed you earlier on in the evening, you have really interesting eyes’.  Or, ‘That necklace looks like you brought it abroad, where were you when you got it?’

2)  Create sexual chemistry

Maintain great eye contact and don’t look away.  It’s very sexy to have a guy’s full attention and makes a woman feel special.  It also makes you appear really confident.

3)    Show confidence

Stand tall with your posture; imagine you are a head taller.  Never slouch or hunch your shoulders, you will look insecure and less manly.

4)  Ask Open Questions

Start asking open questions that will get her talking, such as, ‘Do you like cocktails or wine, which one is it?’ ‘What’s your favourite place to go for an intimate date?’

5)  Use touch to build connection

Throw in a touch on the arm while you are talking and holding eye contact, this builds instant chemistry.  There really is no such thing as natural chemistry, its created when you work at it.  Linger comfortably for a few second when you touch, make it feel comfortable and nice not jerky and awkward.

6)  Now walk away!

Now that you have her attention, excuse yourself and go talk to your friend or another girl.  Make her wonder what’s going on and create some mystery and desire to have you back at her side.  After all, you are giving her the attention she so desires from a man.

7)  Do it all again

After about a twenty-minute break, come back and pick up the conversation.  Don’t be so quick to ask for her number, repeat steps 1 – 6 and at the last minute, just before you leave, take your phone out and casually get her to put in her number.

8)  Casually get her number

Viola’, you have the number of the girl of your dreams.  Wait a good twenty-four hours before you contact her and then you can ask her out for a drink – have fun.

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