why hire a dating coach?

Gift yourself love this Valentines day, offer valid until 24th February only!!

With Valentine’s day approaching you may be thinking that it’s not for you if you are on your own.

I’m here to tell that that is where you are 100% wrong!

Not only is valentines day for you, it’s totally all about you and how you are going to be attracting love into your life.

Valentine’s day reminds you that love exists no matter how much you pretend its not for you.

Look around you at all the heart and roses, they are for you and everyone else around you.

You haven’t been bought a card or a chocolate heart, so what, go into the shop and buy it for yourself.  Bite into the chocolate heart and enjoy the treat knowing that you are full of love and worthy of celebrating every day, especially today.

Buy a rose and put it next to your bed remembering that it’s your job to remember the importance of romance and love.

Celebs go dating and find love now it’s your turn to find love…

I’m here to tell you that Valentine’s day is all about you and your next step towards love.

You know what that next step is…

It may be booking your one to one coaching call with me and designing your next steps together!

For a one to one coaching session please quote ‘valentines day’ for your valentines one-off promotion.

(the promotion entitles you to your first hour’s session, usually £120, at £90)

Valid until the 24th February 2018.

I have limited spaces so please do book in with me as soon as you are ready.

With love

Jo Barnett

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