Fancy a sweet New Year starting right now?!

Rosh Hashana

The anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve, a day of Judgment and Coronation.

September is a special month in the calendar, Rosh Ha Shanna, a time to affect your luck for the year ahead.


Before next Wednesday you have a chance to manifest and set your intentions for the year ahead and correct any bad energy from the previous year.

What would you like your year to bring?  Is it a loving relationship? Financial security, or fun and laughter?

My personal commitment is to embrace all of my advice and work with love as well as guidance.

What does this mean?  For me it means coming from that heart place always, even when I am giving direction that you don’t want to hear, it will be with love.

Before next Wednesday the 24th  I invite you to visualise the year ahead that you desire.  What is the action you need to take that will allow you to be your best, to fulfil your highest potential?

We all want to make some contribution in our lifetime, we are here to find out that exact purpose.  If you would like to discover what this is, think about the times when you have felt most fulfilled, and valued.  What is it you were doing or bringing to the people around you?

Let this year allow you to turn up the volume on your special gift, is it time to give more? To love more? Share more? Teach or to learn a new skill?

When you are depressed, or unsatisfied with an area of your life it is a message that you can do more in this area.  If you want a loving relationship, make it your business to give more love than you ever thought you were capable of.  With the right intention, of shining your light for others, huge amounts of positive energy will come your way.

So, for now, I wish you a Shanah Tova and a sweet year ahead!!