Dial a Dating Coach – Jo Barnett

Why do we need a dating coach?

This is a big question in the media right now and it’s so simple from where I am sitting.

You see your best friend can help and advise you as they know you so well. However, they often won’t give you the hard truth for not wishing to upset you and even if they do they have nowhere to go after dishing out the advice!  This leaves you feeling upset, frustrated and helpless.

With your dating coach, you know you are in safe hands with someone who has your personal best at heart and the wisdom and experience to guide you.  Having that one person you can confide in also stops you spilling your guts to all and sundry often putting people off before they have even got to know you.

Ever got confused with too many opinions? I know I have!  Ask a different person and you will get a new perspective, times that by five and your head will be swimming in all sorts of directions.  The result, people often take no action and just stay stuck.

The most helpful thing about having your own dating coach is making plans together that you can be held accountable for, and being told when you are being realistic and when you are way off the mark.  I will make suggestions and tell you what I see you doing that can be improved on.  Often the smallest tweak can transform someone’s life.  Keep practising that change and you have mastered your destiny.

My number will often get handed out at parties and parent evenings as everyone wants that special someone to confide in and that safe place to go for advice and support.  If you are looking to better yourself and your chance of a loving relationship, either a new or existing partner  I can offer you a phone consultation and a plan of action.

Dial a dating coach to get your life on the right path.