Choosing quality over quanitity

I was chatting to a friend last week about the type of woman he was looking for and how many dates he was going on.

He was bragging about the huge amount of women who are available to date and that he was nearly on a different date every night. For weeks it was fun, lots of new women, fun, flirting…

However, after about twelve weeks my friend was finding very disappointed with dating because he was not getting to make any real connections and the people he was meeting seemed to have very little in common with the people he was meeting.

The dates were all the same, they started to trail off after a week or two and he would be starting again, lining up more dates, with more drinks and more dinners….

It seemed obvious to me that this guy is not on his own, lots of people are looking for multiple dates and put more emphasis on the number or dates rather than the quality of the dates.

As a relationship expert and dating coach I work with people to identity the specifics, what you need to be looking for in a person.  How to narrow down the search to give you more connection, commonality and leading you to having a happy intimate relationship.

These skills that you will learn by working with me are going to be life skills that will take away the long list of dead end dates that are going no where.  So if you want to get the most out of your time then its time to invest in your development and understanding of compatibility.

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