What Can my dating coaching programme do for you??

Six Steps to love

Are you ready to meet a terrific partner?

Do you want to let go of the past?

Ready for real unselfish love?

If you said yes to the above, then I invite you to book my complete dating makeover!!

Step 1)

Setting your soul mate intention!

You know what you want and yet have you ever dared to design what it would be like to really meet your soul mate, to create the picture and feeling of being with the man or woman who truly gets you.  Indulge in working with me, your personal dating coach to help you manifest this energy, and bring it about for yourself.

I encourage you to concentrate on what you want to be giving your future partner.  When you start focusing on what you want to give and share, you will attract an entirely different partner.

Step 2)

List the qualities you want in your partner and all the things you value in relationships.  We will be creating the right set of values that you need to have the best love for you.

Once you have this list you will decide who you need to be in order to attract this fantastic person and start putting it into action immediately.  Ladies and gentleman, this is the crucial bit and where the real shift begins!

Step 3)

Next, you will get to cleanse all the unwanted and toxic feelings and self-limiting beliefs you have around love and finding a partner.  Not only will you make sense of yourself, you will let go of blame and take on fresh, infectious positive energy.

Step 4)

Taking responsibility to create a healthy, loving relationship.  Staying open to new possibilities and trying out different perspectives.

Step 5)

Don’t keep making the same mistakes and choosing the same ‘type’ yet expecting different results!  Surely this has to change in order to get a different result!  Together we will help you manage your expectations and look at unrealistic expectations that are keeping you stuck.

Step 6)

You will be staying open and committed to YOU and your growth!  My clients say it’s wonderful when they keep learning new things about themselves and having the big ‘ah-ha’ moments that compel them to make the changes they need to bring more love into their lives.

I am looking forward to helping you get ahead in your journey and being your partner in all that lies ahead of you.  To book my one to one programme please contact me or see the coaching packages I offer.