Attracting your other half!

If you want to meet a partner keep going out!!

As you will soon know I have my first e-book out, ‘How to get a date now’, the first of many books that will give you inspiration, love and the incentive to keep you motivated to find your other half.

Today I want to slightly deviate from getting you a date and instead point you towards getting some creative energy to the surface and some food for thought!

Take an image of a piece of fruit cut in half.  You are one-half of the fruit and the other half is the soul mate you are looking for.  Let’s imagine you are juicy and ripe apple, perhaps shiny red.  What you are looking for is the other half of your apple, to be a perfect match.  I ask you to consider what makes the other apple just right for you;

Category A

  • It looks as nice and inviting as you
  • It is red and shiny or crisp and cool
  • It is full of sweetness
  • It is natural and makes you feel good when you are together and apart.

It suggests in the Kabbalah that your other half is going to be similar to you and that opposites do not attract after all!  Now imagine for one moment a person whose half of the apple looks like this;

Category B

  • Dirty and bruised
  • Shrivelled and neglected
  • Sour, or worse tasteless!

Do you identify with the top or bottom category? As you see yourself when you look in the mirror, this is the other half you will attract.  So if you are in the first category, be bold and reach for the shiniest and sweetest company out there.  If you are in the second category its time to do some personal work on yourself.

Ways to become more desirable;

  • Think about the contribution you would like to make in the world and start to give something more of yourself to those around you.
  • Which of your qualities would others benefit from?
  • What new skill can you study that will make you more interesting/open when you interact with people?

Pick one thing from each point on the above list and commit to it.  This is the transformation that will take you from category B to A, from lost and alone to complete and surrounded by love.

When you are actively working on the above list you are creating great energy inside and THIS is what makes us all reach for that inviting fruit cocktail.

I would love to hear how you see yourself and how this matches the half that you are looking for?