You already have it and you just don’t know it!!

Love is all you need!

We are nearing Valentines Day and I want to tell you that love is nearer than you may think!

Have you ever felt that love is so far away, that no matter what you do and who you meet your soul mate is just not turning up?  How frustrating is it to be playing the waiting game, trailing through hundreds of singles profiles, going out to events and looking for the perfect guy or girl for you?

I know this because I have been there myself.  I have witnessed people looked far and wide for love, relentlessly, tirelessly.  They look on every app, on Facebook, online, on the notice board, etc….  Many of my clients feel the same when they come to me to help them find love.

Now I am happy to share with you the secret to getting love, real love and happiness; It starts within you, in every breath you take, in every thought that you let go of, when you drop the frantic searching, looking, needing, getting and the endless wanting.

You start to breathe again, and then you smile, and when that calm washes over you, it becomes clear that you are love.

Let’s make this Valentines Day all about being, and choose to be in love, with you, with your life and with the possibilities that can come to you.  With all that, your life has to offer, with you and the opportunities that are going to be opening up for you all the time, as you let go of the grasp and the fear that it just won’t come.

Trust that it will.

As sure as night follows day, the person you are looking for will show up when you release your tension and the pressure that you feel in looking for them.  When you put your energy into something real like a project, your work, your children, helping someone, AND socialise AND keep your finger on the pulse re dating, you can trust me when I tell you that love is on its way.

When you connect back to your worth, your soul and what you want to give in this life and to a partner, you will shift the energy and a different type of soul mate will turn up.

In the MEANTIME, live in love and let yourself be free of any worry that it might not happen, enjoy yourself and make plans, go out for dinner and drinks and buy yourself your favourite chocolates and roses, because YOU have all the love you need for right now, in this moment.  Acknowledge yourself with a gift.

I can’t wait to hear what opens up for you when you embrace your own love and internalise it before you look to externalise it.  To work with me on being even more clear about your understanding of love, contact me for a one to one coaching session.

Wishing you all a happy Valentines Day