Acceptance will REALLY make the difference in your life this weekend!

Hi Everyone,

Well, it’s been a while since I have been in touch with you. I have been sitting back a bit and observing what it’s really like out there!

I have also been thinking about how I can be of best use to you as a coach and what I want to teach that will REALLY make the difference in your life.

The past months I have been learning with colleagues, on courses as well as taking a back seat from the dating coaching, turning my attentions towards the bigger picture.  Today I will share some thoughts with you that I hope will give you some inspiration and motivation, what ever your journey!

The things that we want are often so in reach and yet there is a layer of fear in the way.  Whether it’s a new job, a relationship, friendship, to lose a few pounds, your goals are more attainable than you think.

One way to get over the fear and keep focused on your goal is to take control of your mental attitude.  The way you talk to yourself will determine your success.  Stamp over the voice of that chatter box in your head and flood it with positive messages.

‘Its all happening exactly as it should, everything I have in my life right now is perfect.  I welcome in new things and who knows what tomorrow may bring!’

Take one little positive affirmation and have it on a post it note on your desk or on your phone, remind yourself of your achievement and your ongoing growth.

‘It’s all perfect’

‘Say YES’

Sometimes you want something so badly and it just does not happen.  Does this sound familiar to you?  What I have noticed is that the world does work in a magical way!  You put in the hours, make the phone calls, run on the treadmill and nothing seems to change.  Then one day, before you even blink, calls start coming in, dates, job interviews, and weight loss even!  This is called the law of attraction and it is happening in my life as we speak.

Do the work today that you want to see next month or next year, you will get what you ask for, only you won’t know when it is coming.

A wise friend once said to me ‘be the change that you want to see in the world’.

When you act in the way that you want people to treat you, you are an invaluable contribution to yourself and society, don’t ever think an action or a word is too small to make a difference to someone’s growth.

Have a wonderful weekend and I invite you to take at least one action that will make the difference in your relationships.

Do you know someone who wants to create a change in their life right now? Suggest they email me and I will give them a twenty-minute sample session!