The self survival kit for staying connected and motivated during lock down! A must have for your mental health.


Your self survival kit for lock down;

As I am writing this we are living in a pandemic, Covid 19 has taken over our lives and had made meeting people and connection even more of a challenge.

I am coaching people daily who tell me they are feeling low, depressed, missing connection and have lost their motivation.  I totally get it as we all have good days and bad days, the question is how long are you going to allow yourself to stay in this place?  I say to them, ‘what are you getting out of being victim?.’  Nothing, they will say, ‘that’s not true, you must be getting something out of it or you would have let go of victim state by now’.

This really confuses them and so I will quickly step in and explain, ‘ what you are getting out of holding yourself down and staying in this victim place is that you are familiar with these feelings.  It’s like an old pair of socks, you know where they are how to put them on!  Also, you get to be right and justified about the situation and we like to be right.  Staying in your comfortable place keeps you playing small, avoiding change and keeping you away from life, adventure, new relationships.’

What place do you choose to be in? Your victim mode or stepping out of the comfort Zone, challenging yourself, trying out a new behaviour, walking down a different street.  By choosing something other than your old story you are going to be saying yes to change, yes to growing and developing and welcoming in something new.  You do this by saying yes to taking new action, and doing the things for yourself that keep you feeling positive.

In these very strange times I have adopted a bit of a self-survival kit, this involves doing all of the things that you enjoy and that bring you peace and make you smile, every day.  If you wake up feeling in a low mood, you have two choices, to stay in bed and fester, or get up, shower and keep moving, actions will set you free.

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I am not a morning person, ask my kids, but I am certainly not a staying in bed for longer and see what happens person, I know what happens, a lousy start to the day and not much else.

Instead I choose to jump up, on the count of three and get moving!!

 I have recommended that you section the day into three or four sections, for me I choose three, there is the morning, after lunch and afternoon.  Each one is an activity, and then I feel a sense of achievement, and if one of those sections was not particularly productive then you still have two more sections to your day.

For example, you may choose to take the morning for exercise, a long hours walk and a cup of coffee in the garden, this will set you up for the day and get you out of the four walls, which we all need to be creative.  The second section is usually at the laptop, working on my next project, writing, or coaching.  This is probably the main work section that then allows me to enjoy a healthy lunch.  The afternoon is an opportunity for you to choose your next activity, it may be work, it may involve planning, research or something creative.  Then you have another section before dinner that I use for either Yoga, calling a friend, creating something in the kitchen or food shopping.  At the end of the day you will be able to look back and see what you have accomplished.

If you are feeling particularly low or struggling with feelings of depression I suggest more sections of exercise, more time outdoors, cooking, meditation, speaking to people who know you well, organising your cupboards, listening to music, generally doing something for you that will give you a boost.  Try it for a week and see how you get on, if you like it find your own routine that works for you, remember nurture yourself, love yourself, because you are worth it.

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Looking after your mental health and staying positive during the Coronavirus


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