How can I find a partner??


Hi everyone!

Welcome to my latest revelation on how, where and when you WILL meet your next partner….

Since spending the last few weeks

pouring over hundreds of emails from gorgeous singles asking me why it hasn’t happened yet, despite their best efforts, I have uncovered some real magic.  As a thank you for following and supporting me and because I want only the best for you, I am going to share it with you right here!

Lets break it down step by step;

1)  How will I find my next great relationship?

Let go of ALL preconceptions….

You will most likely be about a day or so away from the possibility of meeting your date.  In fact he or she may well be in your life right now.  When you decide to let go of ALL preconceived ideas of what your partner is ‘supposed’ to look like, sound like, walk like etc you will find amazing people just under your nose.

Cast your mind back to when you were about seven, what did you want to be? A fireman?  ballerina, vet, postman?  Chances are you are not doing the job you thought you wanted when you were little, so what makes you think looking for this certain ‘type’ is just ridiculous when you think about it, not to mention WAY too limiting…

2) Where will I find my partner?

Ground breaking news!!!

You will find him or her when you decide too, simple.  See the thing about letting go and moving on is that it can happen in an instant.  The biggest step is making the decision to do whatever it takes to move on and break through your limiting beliefs, that’s the bulk of the work I do with my dating coaching.

Think back to something you wanted a year ago that you have made happen?  What did it take?  A decision to go for it, no matter what, that’s what it took.  When you decide you are ready to be 100% open hearted and open minded you will meet your partner effortlessly.

3)  When will we meet?

Change the vision you have in front of you and keep on going…

You will meet your partner as soon as you make the shift in your thoughts and then take big action to back it up.  What you think about becomes your reality, so if you are concentrating on having back pain then that’s what you get, lots of back pain.  Replace negative experiences and thoughts with a new vision for your future.  See yourself living your ideal life, six months ahead and a year into the future.  Picture you and your ideal partner, see where you will be, experience the feelings in your body.

Pay attention to the way you talk to yourself!

Create a winning story for yourself that has you totally believe in you and your success…

‘I am an extremely lovable, full person, and so many guys/ girls want to meet me!’

Repeating this to yourself will empower you far more than ;

‘I am not lovable’ or ‘I will never meet anyone’.

Keep repeating these messages and take the necessary action to go out and meet people.

I have seen people take these steps and produce amazing results.  Men and women, who were scared or timid, have let go of fears and replaced old ideas with new ones.  Please email me with your results!

With love

Jo Barnett

Dating Coach