Top ten flirting tips that really work!

Flirting tips and advice from your dating coach

It’s cold outside but it doesn’t have to be cold inside….

Never underestimate the power of flirting, and the trick is to always go beyond your comfort zone if you want to see results happen and new romantic opportunities arise for you.

I bring you first-hand practical advice on how to meet and flirt with someone you like when you are out and about.  Whether it’s online or face-to-face, try it out and see the difference.   If you think you would benefit from some one to one coaching please contact me for further help.

  • Smile at the person you would like to make a connection with.  This can be called a provocative eye gaze; you drop one in at intervals! Keep the smile about you when you are out, that way you will attract people who will want to talk to you.  A smile is inviting, contagious and sexy.
  • Eye contact is truly important it breaks down the barriers and encourages the other person.  When you hold eye contact you are showing confidence and interest, two very attractive qualities.  Also be attentive to the person you are talking to and try not to let your eyes wander.
  • Asking questions allows you to get the other person talking and relaxing, which is what you want.  Ask open ended questions such as ‘when you are not here what else do you enjoy doing?’ Get your companion to talk about favourite films or books, this puts them at ease.
  • Listening to the answers!!  I heard of so many missed opportunities where the other person simply has not listened to the answers and has either ignored or talked over their date.
  • Take your time; there really is no rush to get all the information out, no one wants to feel like they are on a game show!  Go slowly in your conversation and really take an interest.
  • Humour may not sound like a flirting tip and believe me it is!  If you can make someone laugh they will stay chatting twice as long.   We are not talking about hysterics, simply learn to see the funny side in situations and share your jokes.
  • Compliment the person you are talking to, just go for it, one or two is fine and just slip them in every now and then.  ‘How come you have no t been snapped up yet?’  ‘The colour of your jumper really sets of our eyes’.  Make it real.
  • Touch is very powerful in feeling close to someone and building a familiarity.  A little tap on the arm or touch on the shoulder can help put someone at ease and make him or her feel closer.  It is also a lovely warm way to show you are interested.
  • Give space and don’t cling to someone all night, it’s like a push pull, show you are interested and then give them air.  Be relaxed and don’t make it feel pressurised.  Your date should feel that you want to get to know them as a friend and not just a sexual conquest.
  • Have fun and don’t take it too seriously, when you are light and breezy people want to be around you.  Look for opportunities to enjoy and capitalise on your time out.
  • One for luck – Practice makes perfect!!