What is a breakthrough?

A breakthrough is that aha moment when you realise how in the one moment you have just changed your life for the better!

My passion as a coach and mentor is to find people their breakthrough in life, in any of these areas;

  • love
  • family
  • relationship
  • money
  • career
  • fitness and health
  • fun, living life to the full, getting our of your comfort zone etc…and more…

My journey started six years ago when I employed my own coach to help me make sense of the relationship I was in and where I was headed.  Since then I have been successfully teaching people the psychology of dating, confidence and having a breakthrough rather than a breakdown!

The rest is history and here I am at your service to help guide YOU to the most fulfilling and authentic relationships you can create.  I believe that by understanding yourself well and others,you will enjoy the best chances of finding your soul mate.  This combined with my action plan is what gets clients the results they want.

Unlike other experts, I do all the coaching myself and share my knowledge from working with thousands of singles as well as my diverse range of coaching tools.

My site is designed to give you help with dating and romance, so that you shine in this area of your life and all others at the same time!

If you want to move forward in an area of your life that you always dreamt of, then I am the right coach for you.

Jo entering a Ceroc dance competition at Camber Sands, talk about getting out of your comfort zone!!!!!!

You will learn to take responsibility for your success and happiness. letting go of blame, shame and hurt from the past.

Connection and trust is something I truly value, and it has been said that through my warmth I build instant rapport with people.

In my free time you will find me out learn something new, dancing, working out, socialising, and parenting my two amazing kids.

My clients get my unconditional support through the good bad and ugly, together we will laugh, cry and go a little crazy at times, expect the unexpected.


I can’t wait to hear your story and what you would like to work on together.

I am a London & New York based coach and also offer the change to coach over Skype.

Contact me for a free phone consultation!