Why aren’t we dating anymore?

Looking for love and starting to date again?

Are you feeling frustrated?

Feel like giving up on dating?

Decided there is no one out there for you?

Then you are part of the stale mate dating culture of 2015!

I am not trying to depress you, quite the opposite.  I believe that once we recognise what we are doing then a shift can happen.  There is no hope in staying in the dark.

Top reasons why you are single;

  • You waited too long and became too picky
  • You don’t go to enough singles events
  • You are not giving people a chance
  • You are having sex too quickly

The REAL reason you are single

With all our advanced technology we can meet someone anywhere, tinder, twitter, linked in, facebook, online dating sites and a million other apps too!

This creates a false illusion of ‘there is always another option’, kind of attitude.  Guys, you are like a kid in a candy store, wanting more more, more, but not ever choosing.  Girls, are we much better?  We are wanting to be wowed in a one liner and everything after that, or else it’s a swipe to the left!

The best hope you have of finding love…

I urge everyone who is single to make a choice this week!  I challenge you to pick one or even two dates and follow through, get to know them, ask them out, meet in person.  If it all goes well then for the love of humanity FOLLOW IT THROUGH!

Here’s to more connection and less confusion!