Life Coaching tips on dating love and relationships

Joanne’s top tips in How To Get A Date – Now! include:

*   Finding your enthusiasm and confidence to get out and about so that you will successfully meet the right people.

*   Getting the best out of online dating: how to write a great profile, making a lasting first impression.

*   Tips on nights out and speed dating.

*   Learning how to date so that you and your partner have fun and leave wanting to do it all again!

*            Making the best of yourself so that you maximise your chances.

*            Overcoming limiting beliefs from the past, loving the person you are, improving your self-esteem.

*            Getting out and doing things you really enjoy so that you sparkle!

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Continues Joanne “I haven’t sugar-coated anything,  it’s a real workbook. By following my guidance and putting it into action I guarantee that people will get dates. My passion is for everyone to find their soul mate and I want people to feel excited and just can’t wait to get started when they’ve read the book.

“It’s not only for novices. Many people are already dipping their toes in the dating water through internet dating or joining social agencies which set up events. How To get A DateNow! is designed to encourage people to either take up dating activities or persist with what they are already doing  from a different perspective. I want to help people achieve their dreams of meeting ‘the one’ and the book is relevant to absolutely everyone who wants to find love, whatever age they are.”

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