Guys do you want to change your pattern of dating for good and start attracting women who want to date YOU?

Guys do you want to change your pattern of dating for good and start attracting women who want to date YOU?






Would you like to have a CHOICE of who you date so that you can go on a few dates with women and then YOU decide who you would like to pursue?

Is it time that your confidence rocketed beyond belief so that you KNEW you are THE catch and EVERYTHING you have to offer?

What would it be like to be the MAN, to behave like the man and to keep cool and in control no matter how many emotional corners your woman turns?

If you have answered yes to the above then you are ready to take the next step and find out what you can learn from working with me as your coach.

Nobody said dating is easy and in fact with every new dating app, I see that it’s getting harder to grab her interest and to turn that into a relationship without you losing interest and momentum.

There are some very subtle skills that I can teach you that will make ALL the difference between just talking and really dating.

I am going to share with you a free chapter from my Ebook How to get a date now.

Once you have read this and checked out some more of my blogs on my website you can decide if you want to book your package with me.

The men that I coach learn to be REAL MEN, the type of man that attracts female attention wherever he goes.  This could be you after just a few tweaks and changes to your approach and behaviour, this will help you not only with women but you will see your confidence soar in all areas of your life.

# Dress up – make an effort to look good, you will feel great and have more confidence on the da


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Next step for the Gents / It’s all about the detail

Please pay attention to the little details, women do notice your shoes, your nails, and hairstyle. Go out and get trendy. Last week I took a male friend of mine into Marks and Spencer, we kitted him all out in Autograph and he got some great stuff, two new outfits and shoes for just over £200, he looked and felt the business. As he was a larger man we got some dark jeans and dark shirts, one with some print on but still in a navy colour. My friend bought a pair of modern brown shoes, which set it off brilliantly and had his hair cut short and gelled; he looked HANDSOME, I was so proud to be seen out with him!

Now let’s talk about weight, whilst women don’t necessarily expect Daniel Craig to turn up, we still like to see a man who looks after himself and is in reasonable shape. How much more confident would you feel with a better bod? I recommend you get yourself down to a local gym and book a session with a trainer to get some pointers. Weights are great to improve your pecks and upper body; women are a sucker for a good upper body!

Guys & Gals / Getting out and about

Make a plan with a friend to go somewhere new this week where you know there will be some single people of your age to meet. Try a trendy bar, club or pub. Most towns have pubs or bars where people go for a drink after work.

I remember going into a pub with a few friends who were just standing in a group and not meeting anyone, what a waste!

I stood a little away from them so that I was not surrounded by a ‘pack of girls’ and looking a bit more approachable, I was on the way up to the bar and looking around the room smiling, engaging people with my eyes. Before I knew it the guy next to me was chatting to me. We had a laugh and a flirt; he took my number and asked me out, easy! All I did was notice people around me and hold some eye contact, smile and be willing to talk to a complete stranger.

Had I have stayed stuck to my girl friends I’m not sure if I would have meet MR. A , so TAKE A RISK and GET MIXING IN WITH PEOPLE AROUND YOU.

For you guys, notice how this man took a risk and just started talking, he smiled and chatted away like we were old friends, it was perfect.

I’m going to go over this as this is where people seem to get stuck, going into a bar or club/ pub and how to engage with someone you like the look of;

Easy steps to attract the opposite sex when you are out:

* Dress up!! Look your best
* Go out ONLY with friends who

are FUN and interesting.
* Be looking to chat to new people

around you.
* Make eye contact and smile
* Dance/ sip your drink/ laugh / look

like you ARE having fun already….
* Say something to the guy/ girl near you

that you like the look of. * Start a conversation

* Ask them if they like the music? * Where are they from?
* Who are they here with?
* Introduce your friends and

get chatting….
* Keep chatting and then decide

to stay or move on. * Do it again!

Oh and don’t shy away, if you like them stay! Keep chatting, eye contact, smile, and make them laugh, get a drink together, go outside and chat together, dance. Finally, if you get on well suggest exchanging numbers. Ladies you can wait to be asked, men get in their quick.


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Very best wishes

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