Christmas is for YOU! no plus one needed .

How to do Christmas for YOU – No plus one needed

1. Look after your mental wellbeing – meditate even 10 minutes a day – practice mindfulness – being grateful and experiencing just being in the moment.

2. Get outdoors for a walk every day, try to go somewhere different and look up at the sun.

3. Eat lots of fresh foods, go for good veggies and protein and swap mince pies for home made goodies and quality dark chocolate.

4. Drink in moderation and alternate with soda water and low sugar mixers, avoid mixing your drinks and stay hydrated.

5. Make plans with your favourite people to do the things you love, go for coffee, visit parks.

6. Book a movie, read something interesting, visit a new place, museum or gallery.

7. Put aside some quality time for yourself, enjoy a relaxing bath, play your favourite tunes, take some time just for you.

8. Write a list of what you want to work on in 2020, what do you want to have in your life and what action will you take to get it?

9. Start making plans for the new year, book up for events and parties, dances, a course, places where you will meet new people.

10. Take a deep breathe and know that you have done the best you could this year, next year is just around the corner with all its unknown possibilities, be excited!!

Give yourself the gift of one to one mentoring and book your sessions before Christmas, lets do you this year.


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With love and gratitude

Jo Barnett

Dating Coach/ Relationship Expert

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