September courses are ready to book , single and looking for love?

Speedy September Dating Coaching Package available to you now.

Only £800.00

If you are Single and would like to meet someone then this six week course is for you.  Here is what you will learn;


*Adopting a positive perspective on where you are currently at and learning to be happy with yourself.


*Self-improvement/ what needs to be worked on to help you attract what you want?


*Understanding your values and what you should be looking for in a partner.


*Breaking old patterns and repetitive thoughts that hold you back.


*Taking action to get moving towards your dreams


These six sessions can be taken once a week, each an hour long and at the end of it you will be forever changed for the better with all the knowledge you wish you had years ago!

Jo Barnett Dating Coach/ Relationship Expert

For all your personal development and life goals