Couples coaching package

Only £900.00

One to one couples coaching

Happy black couple in love making shopping on weekend

Your relationship is the most important thing in your life, it will determine how happy and settled you feel from day to day and effect all other areas of you life.

Working with me will be beneficial if any of the following statements ring true;

You are struggling to see eye to eye

You feel like you are drifting away from one another

Fear that the love has gone

You need help learning to communicate and listen to one another

Repetitive problems just won’t go away

A professional couples coach will be able to be the third eye for you both and tell you what is really going on.  Giving you the skills and the strength to move forward and find your way back.

As a couples coach I have extensive knowledge on why people argue, fall out of love AND what brings then back together again.  The sessions I offer are informative, relaxed and even enjoyable where you can both find a safe space to be fully expressed.

If you would like to speak to me about these sessions I offer a complimentary phone call to see how I can help you both move forward.

This package gives you seven sessions with access to me by phone or email in between sessions.

Looking forward to hearing from you!